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Ruffing It

July 27, 2007

There are spoiled dogs. And then there are really spoiled dogs.

Organic dog food topped with lamb. Doggie daycare for nonstop play with the pack. And crash pads that take the form of sofas, recliners, and king-sized pillow topped mattresses.

Clifford may be in for a rude awakening when it's time to go camping. Direct contact with the cold hard ground just won't do. Keep your four legged BFF chilling in the style that he's accustomed to, and pack Ruff Wear's Mt. Bachelor Pad for your travels.

A comfy traveling dog bed, the Mt. Bachelor Pad is the perfect home away from home. Clifford will dig the soft fleece sleeping surface and the thermal insulation. And as chief porter and wallet keeper, you'll appreciate its rugged construction for long-lasting durability and its lightweight portability. Similar to your sleeping bag, the Mt. Bachelor Pad rolls up into a compact bedroll that weighs about two pounds.

Extra bonus: Ruff Wear loves the outdoors as much as you and is a proud member of the Conservation Alliance, an organization dedicated to protecting the great outdoors.

So now you can both sleep easier at night.