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Biker Chick

July 20, 2007

We all have our wish lists. World peace. Self-cleaning kitchens. Non-itchy bug bites.

But the trick is how to make your wish come true. And while some wait for fairy godmothers, others take matters into their own hands.

Case in point, Coreena Fletcher. Tired of wishing for hip mountain biking clothes for women, she turned her wish into reality by launching her own line.

Introducing Loeka, a new collection that's fun, comfortable and will take you from the trail to post-ride festivities in total style.

Every piece is designed with the feminine form in mind. Jerseys are tapered to follow your curves while the back is slightly longer for extra coverage. Tech Shorts take into account your waist-hip ratio and hip-thigh ratio for a flattering fit. Extra bonus: a velvety micro-suede polyester on the outside and a silky Italian lycra liner on the inside. So comfy yet hip that you may never wear skintight spandex again.

And you can bet your bottom on that.