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Playing it Cool

July 18, 2007

Scorching days.  Steamy nights. Less than a month into summer and you’re looking forward to the fall.

Perhaps it’s time to flee the heat and escape to India.  To Ladakh, a stunning region in the far north that’s wedged between the Kun Lun mountain range and the Himalayas and also one of the least populated areas of India.

For an experience that’s out of this world, check out the top notch trips from Snow Leopard Adventures.  Founded by Ajeet Bajaj, India’s biggest adventure star (first Indian to trek to the North and South Poles), Snow Leopard Adventures offers amazing itineraries throughout India, but particularly in the Himalayas and Ladakh regions.

Sign up for their Little Tibet trek and check out ancient monasteries, high mountain passes and amazing views.  Go for the Spiti Jeep Safari and feel like you’re on top of the world as you travel through rocky escarpments and snow capped peaks on some of the highest roads in the world. Can’t get away just yet?  Sign up for one of their Himalayan whitewater rafting (or kayaking) trips that run in the fall and spring.

All Snow Leopard Adventures expeditions are meticulously planned with careful consideration of the environment and safety.

Making it super easy for you to keep your cool.