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Precious Metal

July 16, 2007

5Ks. 10Ks. Marathons. Triathlons. No doubt about it. With all those accomplishments, you're a real winner.

But unfortunately, the inability to find anything in your tiny apartment filled with piles of athletic shoes, race bibs, T-shirts, and finisher medals is making you a bit of a loser.  Return to your winning form and clear some space by donating your finisher medals to Medals4Mettle.

Started in 2005 by a marathoning doctor, Dr. Steven Isenberg, Medals4Mettle collects medals and gives them to people who have achieved victory in a different way - by battling a disease or living with a handicap.

Send in your medals and show your support for those who demonstrate courage and stamina in their everyday life. Looking to add something extra special? Complete the legacy form and describe the stories behind your medals. It's like passing on your good karma.

Making it a win-win situation.