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July 13, 2007

Do I need a triathlon bike to do triathlons?  Is it safe to hike in bear country during THAT time of the month?  I’m not flexible – can I still do yoga?

Everyone’s got questions.  And now Graceful Edge is going help you get the answers.  Coming soon to an Edge near you, Graceful Edge’s newest feature, “Ask the Expert”.

We’ve assembled an awesome team of knowledgeable and friendly experts covering all the fun activities that we feature. Running, camping, hiking, yoga, skiing, biking, kayaking, adventure travel, climbing, triathlons, and the list goes on.

No question is too silly, or ridiculous.  Our experts have seen it all.  Besides, it’s like what they said in school - if you’re thinking about it, then chances are, so is someone else.

Submit your questions to expert@gracefuledge.com. Put our experts to work and give them the chance to show you what they’ve got.

Because inquiring minds want to know.