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The Write Stuff

July 11, 2007

You’re stranded on a desert island.  The sun’s extreme and food is scarce.  But in 20 minutes flat, you’ve got shelter, and you’re penning your thoughts as a tasty dinner is cooking over a roaring fire.

MacGyver has nothing on you.

Especially when you’re armed with a cool Spectrum Swiss Pen from Wagner of Switzerland.  The pen for extreme scribers and resourceful multi-taskers, the Spectrum works in all conditions - freezing and searing hot temperatures, upside down, and even underwater.  It’s also equipped with handy Swiss Army Knife tools including scissors, screwdriver, nail file and knife.  There’s even a built-in flashlight to get you through those dark patches.

And until help arrives, Spectrum can be instrumental in keeping you occupied.  Journal with your pen one night.  Treat yourself to a casual manicure the next.

At $50, the Spectrum is definitely not your average Bic.

But at least you'll have something to write home about.

Wagner of Switzerland