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Pure Energy

July 2, 2007

The world of energy bar ingredients can be a mysterious place.  With all that maltodextrin, vegetable glycerin, and soy lecithin, you wonder if you could be part of some secret lab experiment.  Ms. Hyde? …no thanks.

Return to a place you know – your kitchen, and whip up a batch of tasty TrailBlaze energy bars from Matisse & Jack’s. Available in two flavors, chocolate chip and cranberry walnut, they’re a cinch to make; just add applesauce and yogurt – two ingredients you know.  Use applesauce only, and it’s perfect for vegans and dairy avoiders.  Bake for 30–35 minutes and voilà, you are ready to rock.

Nutritious too, these bars are filled with good stuff like Omega-3, and protein without the nasties like trans-fat and preservatives.

Looking for a little variety?  Check out their website for alternative recipes created by other energy bar enthusiasts.

Each package yields nine bars that can be stored for up to a week in the fridge.  However, don’t be surprised if they disappear in just a couple of days.

But that’s a mystery you can live with.

Matisse & Jack's