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Steeling Beauty

June 29, 2007

Sometimes it’s great to be one of the guys.  Easy going camaraderie.  Raunchy jokes. Escape from the “do I look fat?’ dialogue.

But sometimes…not so much. Particularly after spending a week in the backcountry.  Hair growing in unwanted places and b.o....

Time to reinforce your feminine side:  Tarma Designs’s hip line of jewelry for active girls on the go.

These fun pieces work the fine line between tough as nails tomboy and oh so pretty.  Waterproof with an everlasting sheen, Tarma Designs crafts its jewelry from recycled stainless steel, nylon webbing and smooth accessory cords.  Created by husband-wife team, Stephanie and Sky George, huge fans of the outdoors, the affordable collection of earrings, pendants and wristbands are inspired by Mother Nature and outdoor pursuits.

There are activity specific designs for hikers, yoginis, kayakers, climbers, bikers and runners.  And nature lovers will appreciate fresh designs including flowers, cairns and spirals.

Tarma also offers a number of pieces for men.  So they can too can be hip and cool.

And be just like one of the girls.

Tarma Designs