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The Power of Positive Thinking

June 20, 2007

If T-shirt slogans are a barometer of society, then we are surrounded by the high maintenance ('divas' and 'princesses'), the snarky ('you looked better on Facebook') and the corporate (insert logo here) types.


Thankfully, there's Tees for Change to shed some positive light on the situation. Recently launched in May 2007, Tees for Change is all about positive thinking. These cute yoga inspired tees feature not-so-subtle reminders to 'stay strong', 'choose happiness', 'stay balanced' or 'be courageous'.

And consistent with their 'spread the love' philosophy, there's no sweatshops here and all inks are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Extra bonus, Tees for Change has also partnered with Global ReLEAF to plant a tree for every tee purchased.

Will Tees for Change make the world a better place?  Perhaps.  Like the next time the going gets tough….

....and you remember to look down.

Tees For Change