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The Up and Up

June 18, 2007

They say what goes up must come down. Balloons. Face lifts. Climbers.

Or then again, maybe not. Like when you sign up for Climb Up so Kids can Grow Up. Register today and support the American Foundation for Children with AIDS who sends critical medication to Africa so kids struggling with HIV/AIDS can grow up to live full and healthy lives.

AFCA is hooking up with American Alpine Institute, a world-class mountaineering school, to host this self-directed climb-a-thon. Mark your calendars for September 22 and 23, 2007 and rally friends and family for support as you climb the 'mountain' of your choice. You get to pick where and how. Climb, run, walk, ride or hike up a mountain, hill, tree, climbing wall, boulder or even a staircase. And as thanks for your efforts, you get a discount off eligible programs with American Alpine Institute equal to 50% of the amount you raised, up to 10% off the total cost.

Rally up $360 (excluding the one-time $25 registration fee) and you cover the cost of medicine for one child for a year. Significantly improving her odds of survival - definitely a permanent upper.

Climb Up so Kids can Grow Up