Everywhere Edge

Fun in Action

June 15, 2007

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we've just hit the jackpot.

Because Graceful Edge is launching our Scrapbook, a virtual gallery of our amazing readers in action. Climbing in Arizona. Paddling the Potomac. Running in sub-zero temperatures. And one thing's for sure, our readers know how to get out there and have fun.

Want to get a shot if the action? It's super easy. Novice or not-so-novice, it doesn't matter. What counts is that you're living it up in the great outdoors. Send us a picture of you (and your friends) in action. Include your name, location, and favorite activities. And just for kicks, add some fun factoids about yourself because inquiring minds want to know. Tell us about your proudest moment, favorite piece of gear, your words of wisdom, favorite snacks, dream job, or any other creative (clean) tidbit you would like to share.

The Scrapbook will be updated on a regular basis. So come back often because this jackpot is going to be a blast to share. 

Submit pictures to info@gracefuledge.com

Now for the fine print:
Please limit the size of the photo to less than 2 mb and in jpeg format.
Only send photos where you own the copyright.
Submitting your writing or photos to us gives us permission to post them here on the site.
We reserve the right to modify your submission including but not limited to resizing, cropping, compressing, censoring and editing....but we promise to be mature and refrain from adding mustaches, devil horns, etc.