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The Price is Right

June 13, 2007

When it comes to gearing up for the 2007 biking season, there are two types of people. Those who buy. And those who shop.

Buyers are blessed with inexhaustible bank accounts. Conquerors of gear, they see something they like, and they acquire it.

On the other hand, shoppers (i.e. 99.9% of the population) are not as fortunate. Once we have our eye on the prize, the hunt starts for the deal of the century.

Another ordeal in itself. So many choices. So little time. What's a time crunched shopper to do?

Well, how about checking out QBike? It's like Orbitz or Kayak.com but for cyclists. Serving mountain bikers, roadies, recreational cyclists, triathletes and BMXers alike, QBike's site contains over 90,000 listings from 35 retailers, including Performance Bike and eBay. Everything from bikes to components to apparel all in one easy to find spot.

The best part? Using a little techie magic, QBike scours retailers' sites for the best deals and QBike gets updated daily with new sales and discounts. Saving us time and money? Sounds like something that we can definitely buy into.