Everywhere Edge

An Out of the World Experience

June 1, 2007

Does Big Foot really exist? Will I ever be able to clear logs on my mountain bike? Is there more to Father's Day than ties and golf gadgets?

Life is full of tough questions. But for the last dilemma, an enlightening solution. Cloud 9 Living.

Step away from the tie racks, head to the nearest internet connection and check out Cloud 9 Living's amazing collection of adventures and experiences, ready to be gifted to some lucky recipient (perhaps even to yourself!).

With over 1,500 experiences in 33 cities (and more on the way!), there's something for everyone. Moonlight paddles in Washington DC. Hang gliding lessons in San Francisco. Or use the summer months to save your Benjamins and splurge on a 5 day Great White shark dive trip in the fall.

And because Cloud 9 categorizes all experiences into 9 color coded levels ($75 - $2,500), you can make life easier by choosing your gift by level and avoid the tough question “which experience?"...

….unless of course, it’s a gift to yourself.

Cloud 9 Living