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The Giving Tree

May 23, 2007

This past Mother’s Day was proof positive…again.  You cared enough to send the very best and spent $2.95 for a mass market card with a goofy joke.

Next time, redefine your interpretation of the very best.  Skip the gift of virgin pulp paper and go directly to the source.  Trees.  

Hook up with Trees for the Future and they will plant trees in your recipient’s name.  Trees for the Future is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees all over the world. Since 1988, Trees for the Future has planted over 50 million trees in Central America, Africa and Asia.  And for 2007, they’re aiming to plant over nine million trees.

$45 will get you 450 trees. $100 will get you a grove of 1,000 trees.  Or go over the top and for $480, adopt a village and support 20 families as they plant 5,000 trees.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.  Participating communities improve their livelihood as their reforested land returns to sustainable productivity.  And everyone benefits from the million tons of CO2 that’s removed from the atmosphere every year, as a result of these trees.

Making this a gift that keeps on giving.

Trees for the Future