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Keep Your Mojo Running

May 11, 2007

Everybody likes to get lucky. No, not that kind of lucky.  

But rather that extra mojo you get on race day when you wear your lucky shirt.

So why pierce the good karma with safety pins when attaching your bib?

Next race, keep your lucky shirt intact by attaching your bib to a race belt.  Using lace locks, your bib is securely attached and an adjustable buckle keeps the belt snug around your waist.

Need energy gels to go the distance?  Get the belt with extra loops to hold your gel packets.  Never leave home without a puffer?  Fuel Belt’s Asthma Race Number Belt has an extra loop for your inhaler.

Sure, that lucky shirt confidence may be entirely in your head but at $12 (or less), there's no need to poke holes in that theory.

Available online at The Triathlete Store