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Bust to Move

May 7, 2007

Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has engineered some pretty amazing feats.  The Great Pyramids of Egypt. The Great Wall of China.  We even launch people into space on a regular basis.

So why is it so hard to build a comfortable and supportive sports bra?

Or maybe it’s not, particularly if your name is Renelle Braaten, creator of the ENELL sports bra.  A savior for busty active women everywhere, ENELL sports bras keep everything in its place while avoiding the uni-boob and the digging straps.  Go for a run, ski moguls or take up equestrian in total comfort; because once you’re strapped in, your breasts will just be sitting quietly along for the ride.

ENELL bras fit women anywhere between 32C to 52DD. Fall in between sizes?  No worries, ENELL also takes custom orders.

Renelle and her mom have dedicated a significant amount of time to perfect the design of this amazing sports bra.

Totally understandable.   Rome wasn’t built in a day either.