Everywhere Edge

Nature Walk

April 25, 2007

When you were in school, you could tell a lot about a girl by her choice of flip flops.  Addidas plastic slides for the sporty girls.  Birkenstocks for the granola girls.  And kitten heeled mules for the girly girls.

Resulting in quite the footwear dilemma for cool cats like you, the all-around hip outdoorsy girl.  Too bad El Naturalista wasn't around....yet.

Fast forward twenty years and easily avoid the problem with a fun pair of Iggrasil clogs by El Naturalista.  New to this side of the Atlantic, this Spanish line of hip and comfy shoes are crafted using eco-friendly practices.  Vegetable extracts and ground tree bark are used to tan leathers.  Insoles are made of a recycled carbon compound that is breathable and shock-absorbing.  And outer soles come from recycled rubber infused with tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal agent.

Other groovy designs include the pretty Ikebana thongs accented with a multi-colored flower.  Or the Nasca, El Naturalista’s fun twist on the traditional Mary Jane with two toned leather and detailed hand-stitching.

Extra feature: many styles also have removable insoles so you can swap them out for your orthotics.

Keeping you comfortable regardless of the crowd you run with.

El Naturalista