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Matters of Importance

April 18, 2007

When it comes to matters of skin protection, it can be an exercise in picking the lesser of two evils.  Do you apply a layer of toxic chemicals to repel mosquitoes or itch away until you look like a chicken pox patient?  Do you slather on pore-clogging sunscreen that makes you smell like your grandmother’s perfume cabinet or run the risk of sun damage?

Or you can exercise some great all-around decision making when you check out Matter Company’s Outdoor collection, a cool line of natural skin products specially designed for the outdoorsy types. The brainchild of Denise Williams, a therapeutic herbalist, Matter Company’s products are formulated using plants and plant extracts for their healing properties.

Repel mosquitoes with the all natural Bug Dope, featuring lemongrass and eucalyptus oils.  Save your cracked heels and skin chafes with a dab of All-Heal Salve.  Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays with Matter Company’s full spectrum SPF30 sunscreen that’s also wind and water resistant.  Or soothe your muscles after a tough workout with a little Heat Rub.

No matter your skin predicament, look to Matter Company for a sweet solution, and you’ll find yourself in a win-win situation.

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