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Eye Candy

April 6, 2007

When you were little, the letter O had some pretty negative associations.  Oh-no.  Oh-oh.  Oops.

But now that you’re older and wiser, those lowly thoughts are long gone, particularly now that you’ve learned about the delights of the big “O”.  No, not that “O” (minds out of the gutter please, we’re a PG site), but rather Oakley, the big “O” of cool eyewear.  And the big “O” just got even better with its expanded line of custom eyewear.

Check out Oakley’s newly relaunched website where you can experiment with their fun interactive design tool.  Choose from twenty different frames which also includes goggles and frames from their electronics collection.  Once you nail down the style, you also get to choose frame color, lenses and even the finish of the infamous “O” icon.  There are also six styles available in “Asian”, to better fit, ummm, people with Asian-like features.

Top off your new specs with a personalized etching on the lens, and you’ll be in a class of your own.  Totally obvious but Oakley reserves the right to refuse etching requests that are rude or inappropriate.

Submit your order online (or phone) and in about 2-3 weeks, you'll receive your glasses spec'd exactly as you requested.

Saving you from any future eye sores.