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Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

April 4, 2007

Unless your name is June Cleaver, housework sucks.  And doing them in the backcountry?  That really blows. No creature comforts, and who wants to be heads down scrubbing dishes when they can be heads up admiring the view.

We hate to break it to you but chores are one of those necessary evils. And unless you’re a perpetual winner of Rock, Paper, Scissors or you camp with an entourage, you too will have a turn at washing dishes.

God bless Granite Gear for doing something to make backcountry chores a little easier.  The next time you prepare to head into the wilderness, be sure to pack Granite Gear's Kitchen Sink.

Cleaning up is a whole lot easier with this super light compact sink.  With a capacity of 2.25 gallons (8.5 litres), this sink holds enough dishwater to clean up after a three course meal for four and its sturdy handles make it easy to haul your load in a single trip.  The Kitchen Sink is constructed with durable nylon on the outside and a rip stop waterproof liner on the inside ensuring that it’s more than a one hit wonder.

Which is more than what we can say about your Rock, Paper, Scissors winning streak.