Everywhere Edge

Aquatic Symphony

March 30, 2007

Life in the fast lane.  Your head's barely above water.  And you're no stranger to the deep end.

The monotony of lap swimming can drive you straight to la-la land.  Like when you swim with a Finis SwiMP3 player.

Music to your submerged ears, this waterproof MP3 player will rock your inner world the next time you’re at the pool.

No underwater muffling but only clear sound quality thanks to some freakin’ cool bone conduction audio technology which transmits the music through your cheekbones.  The player rests on the back of your head which is connected to sound flaps that rest on your cheekbones. At 128 Mb, SwiMP3 holds about 30 songs and it’s a cinch to use. No special software required, just drag and drop and you’re ready to go.

Crank out the butterfly to some rockin’ tunes.  Freestyle to an audio book.  Or breaststroke to the classics.

And those laps will just flow by…swimmingly.

Finis Inc.