Everywhere Edge

The Perfect Time is Nau

March 23, 2007

There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who always show up 15 minutes early.  And those who consistently show up 15 minutes late.

But regardless of when you arrive, you’re right on time for Nau.

The newest kid on the active lifestyle block, Nau (the Maori word for welcome) is the hottest thing since companies realized active women need more than guy gear in pink.

Nau’s debut collection is filled with hip pieces for women and men that are classically styled with a modern twist.  Fresh designs made of performance fabrics keep you stylin’ from the trail to the apres-trail festivities, negating the need to change clothes en route.  

Nau ups the cool factor for rainwear with its Urbane jacket.  A cutting edge design with its cool textured fabric and asymmetrical buttoned flap that conceals a waterproof zipper.  Satisfy your inner tomboy with the Roundhouse dress.  Breathable, and resistant to water, wind and dirt, this isn’t your standard little black dress.  Or bike to work in the ultra-refined Courier windshirt and you’ll only have to worry about changing out of your lycra shorts.

Best of all, Nau is all about being the exemplary corporate citizen with its focus on eco-friendly materials and production practices and philanthropy.  Nau donates 5% of every sale to environmental and humanitarian causes. And you get to pick the beneficiary at the time of purchase.  Which means that hooking up with Nau is totally sweet. For you, someone less fortunate than you, and Mother Nature.