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Rethread to get Ahead

March 19, 2007

Roses are red;
Carnations are pink;
Be kind to the earth;
And recycle your fleece that's worn out and stinks.

Let Patagonia help you with the last bit. Patagonia's recently expanded Common Threads Garment Recycling Program now collects Polartec fleece from any label, Patagonia fleece, Capilene baselayers and Patagonia cotton tees to be recycled for future use.

It's a cinch to participate in this voluntary program. Bid a fond farewell to your fleece riddled with holes from blowing campfire ashes and return it (launder first, please) via mail to their service center or to any of their retail stores in the United States. These fabrics are recycled and used to make new clothing for future seasons. Polartec fleece and Capilene will be recycled into polyester thread and fabric. And cotton tees will be revived as sweatshirts.

Since the launch of Common Threads, 18 months ago, over 1,000 pounds of material has been diverted from the landfill and recycled into new fibers. Patagonia also estimates that using recycled materials instead of new resources reduces energy consumption by 76% and greenhouse gases by 71%.

Giving new meaning to good riddance.