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Club Scene

March 7, 2007

Anyone can be a member of the mile high club.  Just be equipped with the right protection, a tolerance for germs, tight spaces, and about three minutes of your time.

And then there are the clubs that really force you to go the distance and reach new heights.  Check it out:

Seven Continents Club:  Be the ultimate multi-tasker, travel the world and run.  A LOT.  Like a marathon on every continent

50 States and DC Marathon Group:
 No passport? Intense fear of tropical diseases?  Don’t leave this hemisphere and run a marathon in every state and DC too.

Run Every Day:  Be the ultimate streaker and run at least a mile every day of the calendar year.

Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association - Year Rounder:  You’re a streaker on a roll.  Do at least one century ride every month of the calendar year.

Swim the English Channel:  Swim 21 miles in frigid waters from England to France or vice versa.  Cross more than 43 times and get crowned the Queen of the Channel.

2,000 Miler:  Those boots are made for walking. 2,175 miles to be exact, from Georgia to Maine, along the historic Appalachian Trail.

Triple Crown:  No jockeying around here, this is some serious walking. Appalachian Trail (2,174 miles) in the east.  Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles) in the west.  And the Continental Divide Trail (3,100 miles) through the middle.  When all is said and done, that’s nearly 8,000 miles.

Seven Summits:  Physiologically built like big lungs with legs and no fear of heights?  Join an elite group of mountaineers and climb the highest peak on every continent.  Claustrophobics accepted.  Deep wallets or sponsorships, definitely an asset.

High pointers:  Same situation as #2?  Summit the highest point in all 50 states.  Get a break in Florida, Britton Hill is only 345 feet but get prepared for Denali in Alaska, it’s a lung bursting 20,320 feet.

In awe of the super dedicated people who accomplish these amazing feats?

Join the club.