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Photo credit:  Project Rwanda

Photo credit: Project Rwanda

March 2, 2007

When it comes to enjoying your morning coffee, it's the little things that count. A little bit of sunshine. Your favorite coffee mug (there's only one 'Cutie with an Attitude' in the house). And a newspaper left unscathed by Fido.

So it only makes sense that you'll be over the moon when you add a big thing into the mix. Like when you support the coffee farmers in Rwanda through Project Rwanda. Founded by Tom Ritchey, a Mountain Bike Hall of Famer, Project Rwanda is dedicated to helping Rwandan coffee farmers recover from the genocide and improve their livelihood.

Home to over 500,000 coffee farmers, there's some top notch coffee being produced in Rwanda and represents a real opportunity for a better future. Except for that BIG problem where farmers lack the means to deliver their coffee to central processing stations on a timely basis. Lower quality, lower prices and greater effort expended. Talk about being on the road to nowhere.

Enter Project Rwanda who puts them on the highway to somewhere better. Tom Ritchey, lives up to his reputation as an awesome bike frame builder and designed a special coffee bike, capable of transporting 300 lb loads. Project Rwanda equips farmers with coffee bikes, allowing them to efficiently transport their coffee cherries resulting in higher premiums for fresh deliveries.

You can support this worthy cause by purchasing Rwandan Wooden Bike Coffee or making a donation. Either way, it's guaranteed to send you to a new high.

Project Rwanda