Everywhere Edge

By George, It Really Works

February 4, 2009

Light dusting of flakes on top of a tough crusty surface.  Definitely not the best ski conditions.  

But it could be worse.

Like when it also describes the condition of your skin in the winter.

Next time, limit the sub-par conditions to the ski hill and keep your skin perfectly groomed with some awesome skin cream created by George Doherty, your friendly Canadian pharmacist.  Based in Calgary, the land of cold and dry winters, George originally concocted this soothing cream in his kitchen, to help his clients get some relief for their itchy dry skin.

A special non-irritating formula that’s also hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free, George’s Cream relieves all sorts of uncomfortable skin afflictions including windburn, chapped weenuses (you know - the flaps of skin on your elbows), and dry cuticles.  Keep George’s Cream in your refrigerator and its refreshing sensation feels great on sunburns and cracked heels.

It's only $14 Cdn for a 450 g jar (nearly 1lb), proving that George is genuinely concerned about preserving your skin and wallet.

And not leave you hanging out to dry.

George's Cream