Everywhere Edge

The Velvet Underground

February 23, 2007

Good news:  Groundhog Phil saw his shadow.  Only two weeks to spring.

More good news:  There’s still two weeks to enjoy winter.

Even better news:
 You get two more weeks to savor the luxurious technical wear from Snow Angel.

Designed specifically for women, the Snow Angel collection features top notch performance fabrics that are softer than a (clean) newborn baby’s bottom.  The brainchild of Pamela Moyce, an avid skier who was tired of bulky saggy-crotch men’s underwear, she created Snow Angel to be the stylish feminine alternative.  Each piece is well cut for a flattering fit and its awesome wicking properties keep you comfortable for hours of outside play.

Feel light and silky with Cybersilk, the perfect weight when you’re ready to smoke up the X-country trails.  Up the plush and warmth factor with Doeskin, made of super soft microfleece that’s hip enough to be worn on its own or sleek enough to keep a lean silhouette under multiple layers.

And for ultimate luxury, there’s Angel Cashmere, wicking winter lingerie made of a blend of cashmere and velvety microfibers.

Making you wish you lived in northern climates like Calgary and Chicago, where you can benefit from the best news.   You get to enjoy Snow Angel until May.