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Good for the Sole

February 19, 2007

Rule of thumb says running shoes need to be replaced on a regular basis.  For members of the high mileage club, this could mean as often as every three months.  For the rest of us weekend warriors, it can still mean as frequent as every six to nine months.

This basically results in closets full of running shoes fighting for space with the hiking gear, ski gear and all those other toys.  What’s a girl to do?  The shoes still look reasonably new so it seems wrong to trash them.  Goodwill is always a great option.  But for those who seek assurances that these shoes will continue the life that was intended for them, there is One World Running.

One World Running is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health, nutrition and fitness to people of developing countries located in sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and South America.  As a part of its mission, One World Running collects and donates new and gently used running shoes to promote the benefits of exercise.  To date, One World Running has collected and delivered nearly 40,000 pairs of shoes to communities where the cost of running shoes regularly exceeds the annual income.

Looking to give more than shoes?  One World Running is also seeking monetary donations to help pay for shipping.  Two hundred dollars covers the shipment of 50 pairs of shoes to Africa or 100 pairs of shoes to Haiti and Central America.  This organization is a 100% volunteer effort which means that all monetary donations are directed towards shipping.

As for your shoes’ second life?  Under these circumstances, they will definitely have a life worth living.

One World Running