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A Sustainable Ride

February 16, 2007

When it comes to skiers' opinions of snowboarders, skiers fall into two camps.  Those who believe snowboarders are really misguided skiers who’ve gone to the dark side.  And those who believe snowboarders are the new enlightened generation.

Particularly when these hippie chicks are carving up the mountain on Push, Arbor’s eco-friendly snowboard specially designed for women.  Using state of the art EcoTechnologies, Arbor incorporates environmentally friendly materials to create high performance snowboards

Trees.  Steeps.  Cruisers.  Terrain Park.  Nothing is off limits for this lightweight but nimble board.  Featuring an eco-friendly bamboo topsheet matched with cool Asian graphics Push is a blast to ride on the mountain and doubles as a hip piece of art to be admired while chilling.

Additional feminine considerations like a narrower width to accommodate smaller feet, responsive flex and multiple stance options only enhance the fun of the ride.

Arbor also donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations dedicated to protecting the environment.

Helping to save it from going downhill.

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