Everywhere Edge

Lady and the Tramp

February 14, 2007

You didn’t intentionally set out to be Miss Goody Two Shoes.  It’s more like Neurotic Hypochondriac Nelly beats out Bad Girl Betty every time.

Body piercing?  Dirty needles.  Stiletto heels?  Back out of whack. And the cutesy butterfly tattoo on the hip?  Only a matter of time before it’s migrating down your butt.

Unless of course, the tattoos are woven into the fabric of your long underwear.  Next time before you head out for the slopes, call your dueling personalities to a draw.  And be the neurotic bad girl with some sexy hot base layers from Arko Tech Wear.

Your inner bad ass will appreciate the full bodied tattoo motif and the extra snug fit.  While your conservative side will approve of its thoughtful design including seamless construction to prevent chafing, ergonomic panel design for unrestricted mobility, and calf length tights to eliminate bunching with your knee high ski socks.

And both personas will be all over its super wicking properties.  Made of Dryarn®, this fabric dries faster than bacteria can breed, keeping you smelling like roses.

Right up to the time that you slip out of those base layers.  And revert back to Miss Squeaky Clean.  Or Ms. Vixen.  All depending on your perspective.