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Pregnancy Zen

January 29, 2007

Congratulations on your first pregnancy!

And after that fateful date, somethings will eventually return to pre-baby state.  Bra size.  Appetite.  But bid an eternal good bye to uninterrupted periods of peace and quiet.

Make the most of your last remaining months of tranquility with the Prenatal Yoga Deck.  With 50 illustrated cards, the Prenatal Yoga Deck features poses and meditations specially selected for moms-to-be.  Color coded by trimester, each illustration is accompanied with detailed instructions and associated benefits, on the flip side.

The Prenatal Yoga Deck also comes with suggested routines depending on your mood.  Up all night puking?  Go for the Energy Boost routine.  Husband more interested in his Xbox than crib assembly?  Time for the Relaxation and Stress Relief sequence.  Or mix and match to create your own routine.

Compact enough to take to the hospital, this deck will be your best friend.  Helping you maintain that blissful state of zen.

At least until the epidural kicks in.

The Prenatal Yoga Deck