Everywhere Edge

Holding Your Own

January 26, 2007

Swag bag.  Doggie bag.  Returning home with a bag of goodies is a real treat.

But bring home a Wag Bag and you got some really good…doo-doo.  Literally.

Next time before you head into the backcountry, add the WAG BAG waste kit to your packing list.  It’s a single-use toilet in a bag specially designed for the easy clean up of human waste.

Each kit contains a WAG waste bag, zip-close secure transport bag, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer.  WAGs are also preloaded with non-toxic “Pooh Powder” that neutralizes odor, gels any liquids and kicks off the decomposition process.

The biodegradable double bag system is constructed of puncture resistant materials ensuring a clean drop off at the parking lot garbage can.

Just like picking up after your dog, stooping and scooping after yourself helps keep the backcountry clean.  Showing your environmentally sensitive side – that you really do give a crap.

Phillips Environmental Products, Inc.