Everywhere Edge

Core of Steel

January 10, 2007

Running gave you legs of steel.  Those uphill hikes gave you buns of steel.  But a plank pose that looks more like an upward dog?  For that, we can thank your abs of aluminum.  As in aluminum foil.

Steel yourself with a balance board by Fitter.  These balance boards will strengthen your core stabilizer muscles.  You know the ones that support you when skiing, surfing, climbing, practicing yoga, among other activities.

In the beginning these rocking platforms may make you teeter like Britney Spears in Las Vegas – but with a little practice, you’ll be untopple-able just like your Weeble toys from childhood.

Go classic with the wobble board – the faithful standby that will kick off your 2007 Ab Rediscovery tour.  For an extra challenge, try the Bongo Board, which resembles a skateboard deck on a rolling pin.  And for the walk and chew gum crowd, there are the Weeble Boards, two mini wobble-boards, used in pairs while doing squats, wall sits or even while standing around.

Along the way, you get improved coordination and better balance.
Helping to keep you stable and centered as you bomb down the mountain at full speed.  Giving you nerves of steel.