Everywhere Edge

Divas Do Good

December 11, 2006

Uh-oh.  Despite your best efforts to live your life on the road less traveled.  You’re actually living on the interstate.  Day in and day out, life is the same old thing in cubicle land.

And your idealistic dream of leading a life filled with adventure? Still within your grasp.  Just ask Holly Morris, the feisty author of Adventure Divas.

Not your standard adventure travel book, Adventure Divas is Holly’s first hand account of quitting her desk job to crisscross the globe in search of modern day heroines who are making a difference.  The pages are filled with amazing profiles of incredible women who stare down convention and unapologetically choose to live life on their own terms.

In the Indian Himalayas, there’s Bachendri Pal, who defied the caste system.  She successfully broke out of her low caste to get a college education and be the first Indian woman to summit Mt. Everest.  Holly sneaks into Cuba and meets with Instinto, an all girl rap group whose music and talent are an inspiration to Cuban girls.  And in Iran, there’s Shahla Sherkat who constantly risks government persecution by publishing Zanan, a feminist oriented magazine.

These chronicles are interwoven with Holly’s own adventures.  Her struggle to climb the Matterhorn.  Racing a camel in the Sahara.  Or hanging out with Malaysian headhunters.

So pick up a copy and revive your adventurous spirit.

It will be your quickest exit off that monotonous interstate.

Adventure Divas