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Snot Happens

November 15, 2006

You like to think of yourself as one of the guys.  You hold your own on the mountain bike trails.  On backcountry trips, you carry your fair share.  And black diamonds will not have you looking for an alternate way down.

However, when it comes to matters of personal hygiene, you retain your feminine decency.  The boys can keep their farmer blows, snort and swallows, and snotty sleeves. 

You, on the other hand, prefer to keep your nose (and gear) clean with a Snot Spot.   Easier than fumbling with shredded tissue and more hygienic than constantly reusing your glove or sleeve, the Snot Spot is a super soft wearable nose wipe that fits over your gloves, mitts or bare hands. 

Snot Spot is made of a reversible microfleece so you get double the wiping area for super runny days.  It’s also water-repellant and mucous absorbent for easy cleaning with just a quick wipe in the snow (make sure it’s not yellow snow) – washing machines do the job too.  

Made from recycled plastic bottles, Snot Spot is not only kind to your nose but also to the environment.  On top of that, the considerate makers of Snot Spot donate a portion of their profits to charity and are working hard to to give away $1 million by 2015.

Spreading that warm and fuzzy feeling beyond your nose.

Snot Spot