Everywhere Edge

Toe Jammin'

November 3, 2006

Big Toe to the Second Toe:  When will you ditch that toe ring?  It’s digging into my side.
Pinkie Toe:  I’m getting squished here.
Middle Toe:  You guys need to clean up.  I hate being in the middle of a toe jam sandwich.

Time to break up the squabble and keep the peace with Vibram’s funky FiveFinger slip-on shoes.  With a separate compartment for each toe, FiveFingers is a shoe that fits like a glove.

Designed for risk adverse but avid barefooters, FiveFingers emulates the barefoot sensation while protecting them from the hazards.  The soles are made of a durable traction control rubber giving you Catwoman-like agility while boulder hopping.  And the individual toe slots improves dexterity, control and ground feel.

Ideal for sea kayaking, canoeing, running, canyoneering, or hanging out. 

And for the bare extremes - streaking.  Though your boobs will probably have something to say about that.

Vibram FiveFingers