Everywhere Edge

A Clean Foothold

October 13, 2006

We wouldn’t exactly call you a germaphobe.  You actually like dirt of the backcountry sort because it means that you’re outside having fun. 

But back in town, it’s a different story.  Everywhere you go, Purell is only an arm’s reach away.  You even question the calming benefits of yoga because of your intense preoccupation with your mat's bacterial harvest.   You’re an urban germaphobe. 

Next time at the studio, regain your zen focus with a Skidless towel from Yogitoes.  Made of a soft microfibre, the Skidless sits atop your yoga mat, acting as a hygienic barrier between you and your mat.  Machine washable and dryer safe, these towels can be laundered to your germ phobic heart’s content. 

It’s also super absorbent which protects you from slipping.  Keeping your downward dog from turning into a downward face plant. 

Much more compact than your yoga mat, it’s a cinch to take on the road.  So you can practice in your hotel room (gasp! – previously unheard of) or place atop a rental mat (double gasp!).

They're available in a rainbow of chakra colours.  And for October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, get a limited edition Skidless in pink, and Yogitoes will donate 20% of its sales to breast cancer research.

Congratulation on winning the germ battle at the yoga studio.  Unfortunately, your chances of winning the war on germs are kind of bleak.

But at least you’ll be grounded.