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Balancing Act

October 5, 2006

You support sustainable farming.  You volunteer on trail clean-up days.  You subscribe to no impact camping.  No one would question your love for Mother Nature.

Except for that minor issue of that half ton of greenhouse gas that’s going to be emitted when you fly across the continent for your annual ski trip.  Plus the other half ton emitted when you return home (unless you stay to be a liftie – lucky you!).  And then there’s all that time spent driving – easily another 6,000 lbs of CO2 a year.

With those signs of affection?  Maybe you should take a pass on love, as in a TerraPass, and balance out your carbon footprint – i.e. all those greenhouse gas emissions directly related to your activities.

When you buy a TerraPass, your money is used to support clean energy projects such as wind farms.  And in turn, wind farms reduce reliance on greenhouse gas emitting energy sources like coal.

TerraPasses are available in various levels.  Not sure which pass is right for you?  Their easy-to-navigate website lets you calculate the emissions from your car, flights and home so you can determine the TerraPass that’s the best match for you.

TerraPass has replaced 150 million tons of greenhouse gas so far.  And for you cynical lovers out there, all TerraPasses are verified by an independent auditor, so you can see the impact you’re making. Who says that love is blind?

And with costs as low as $9.95, who says that love isn’t cheap?

Terra Pass