Everywhere Edge

Rudy's Project Runway

October 2, 2006

You are the eternal optimist.  Always looking on the bright side.  You see the world through rose colored glasses.

And the world looks back and sees one fabulous chick wearing a pair of ultra-hip Maskeryna performance sunglasses by Rudy Project.  

At the junction where the open roadway meets the fashion runway, the Maskeryna’s clean and cutting edge design rivals anything from those fancy fashion houses.

But there’s a lot more than what meets the eye.

These stylin’ glasses are the product of Rudy Project’s very smart designers’ brainpower to create top notch eyewear for athletes. Features like an ultra-light but durable frame.  Adjustable no-slip nose piece for comfortable fit.  And crystal clear lenses with maximum UV protection designed using the latest technology.

Choose from four lens colours including golden tobacco or rosy salmon for variable conditions, anthracite for bright sunny days, or clear for dark conditions.  Extra bonus, they’re available in 3 different sizes for better fit.

With all that sophistication and thought behind them, the Maskeryna is so much more than just a pretty frame.  Kind of like you.

Rudy Project