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Wheels of Change

May 7, 2008

You’ve seen a lot of bikes come and go.

It all started with Big Wheels.  Then you moved up to the Strawberry Shortcake bicycle with the banana seat and training wheels.  Pre-driver's license, it peaked with a shiny 10 speed Schwinn.

Fast forward a decade.  First real job, it’s the garage sale beater bike as your affordable mode of transportation.  Get introduced to mountain biking by boyfriend du jour and use savings to buy a mountain bike.  Outgrow boyfriend, outgrow bike and upgrade to full suspension.  Start dating a triathlete, decide that triathlons are where it’s at, and purchase a road bike.  Realize current bike is impeding your performance and invest in a new bike.  And the cycle continues……. (Couldn’t resist the pun.)

Can you see what we see?  An opportunity to offload a bike or two and help someone in an impoverished country lead a better and more productive life.   A two hour walk to school becomes a half hour.  Health care volunteers visit twice as many patients.   Merchants cover more territory improving their livelihood.

Pedals for Progress is the organization that makes this a reality.  They collect used bicycles (in practically any condition) and ship them to developing countries around the world.   Established 15 years ago, Pedals for Progress has diverted over 100,000 bicycles from U.S. landfills and redirected them to communities throughout the world including El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uganda and Moldova.
Hurry and check them out.  Pedals for Progress is starting their annual fall drive.

Investing in a good cause is like riding a bike – it’s a feeling that you never forget.

Pedals for Progress