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Sustainable Soles

September 1, 2006

Mother Nature may be one of your BFF’s.  You do your best to treat her well.  You eat organic food.  You recycle religiously.  You ride your bike to save gas.  But what about all that gear and clothing accumulating in the closet?

Bad news:  That extensive collection of fabulous outdoor wear may enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors but probably doesn’t rank highly on the eco-friendly scale.

Put your green foot forward by slipping them into a pair of Teko socks.  Teko’s line of performance socks are incredibly eco-friendly.  The company only uses environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. 

The EcoMerino hiking socks uses wool that is sustainably farmed.  The EcoPoly socks are made of recycled plastic and maintain the prerequisite moisture wicking properties that we require.  Their cotton socks are organic, satisfying the strictest standards for organic agriculture.  And of course, they only use non-toxic dyes,

It doesn’t stop there.  Teko uses renewable wind energy to power its plant and uses ozone instead of chlorine during the washing process.  Packaging materials?  The bare minimum and made of recycled materials, as if you could expect anything else.

Smaller footprints.  Minimal impact.  Definitely a fab way to leave a great impression.

Teko Socks