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The VERY Bearable Lightness of Being Present

August 28, 2006

Ever feel that the sun salutation is more of a salute to your curves - particularly the less desirable ones?  That downward dog is aptly named because of everything that hangs down? 

Yes, we are strong and independent.  And we should know better.  But there are days when even we are dismayed at the sight of Lycra clinging to our less than favorite body parts.   Another reason to curse beauty magazines.

Ditch that negative clingy karma and regain that state of zen by slipping into a pair of Be Present yoga pants.  These styling pants are constructed of Breathe Weave, a feather light breathable fabric that drapes fluidly from our hips instead of hugging every undulation of our body.  Breathe Weave also wicks moisture and their lightness helps you stay dry, even through the steamy sessions (we’re referring to yoga).

They come in a variety of fabulous styles including their original Agility pant, the low rise Mobility pant, or the cropped Kona pant - all available in a wide array of colors.  For the long-legged, the Agility pant is offered in a long version.  Looking for extra spiritual energy? Opt for a chakra or lotus to be embroidered on the back. 

Hip enough to be worn on or off the mat and versatile to boot, your inner strength will be rechanneled to stop at just one pair.  A nice distraction from the other stuff.

be present