Molly Lethert, St. Paul, MN

Molly Lethert

Molly Lethert 

Gross fact: Her left ankle was cut off in a snowmobile accident when she was 10.  They were able to reattach it.  It hurts to walk a lot of the time, so her bike is her freedom.

Occupation: Office Manager by day, business owner - by night.  She started because she got tired of wearing men's jerseys.  Plus she wanted to encourage women to ride their bikes and still feel feminine doing it.

Secret: She steals raspberries from her brother's garden when he isn't looking.

Favorite place: Jackson Lodge, Grand Tetons, WY

Can't live without: her cat, bike, and camera

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Philippa Hughes
Philippa Hughes

Washington, DC

Occupation: Flaneur (aka a person who appears to be ambling aimlessly but is secretly in search of adventure)

Loves: surfing, travel, art, good food and happy hours!

Favorite quote: "Live in the now dude."

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Cindy Koo
Cindy Koo

Canmore, AB, Canada

Loves: trail running, mountain biking, adventure racing, backcountry and X-country skiing, climbing and windsurfing

Dream job: Organic farmer growing mangoes, pineapples, avocados, green beans and yam fries with miso gravy.

Interested in: Clean and green living.

Admires: David Suzuki and Deepak Chopra

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